Lifelong Adventure in Textiles



What I’m doing now, with Front Porch Textiles/TreeTown Textiles,

research, and teaching is distilled from a love of and passion for:

        the outdoors

        a thirst for adventure

        animals -- especially horses and fur bearing creatures

        skills taught by my mother:  sewing, knitting, (and yes) ironing

        my father, whose spirit tags along with me on each trip

        my grandfather -- who was the ultimate craftsman/balladeer

        a lean post grad school budget

        the opportunity to learn from outstanding teachers


        family textiles carefully preserved by my mother

        a desire to learn Québecois French

        National Geographic

        the Teachers’ Curse:  an irrepressible need to share information

        ultimately, the wide circle of friends and colleagues met through fibers

            or research adventures that continue to enrich and influence my

            life.  Thank you all.


And just what am I doing?

There are always three active circles here at Front Porch:  textile production, teaching/lectures, and research of textile traditions in Québec and Mongolia.  With the building of my studio, most of the action has moved from the front porch to the backyard.  Almost all of my handspun yarns come from fibers in the immediate area or the Great Lakes region.  I know all the producers of this fiber, and often can come up with the sheep’s name that is mixed into my yarns.  I source raw baby camel and cashmere fiber as well as baby camel and yak yarns directly from Mongolia and return to visit those who produce these fibers just as often as I can.


    Handspinning.  Handweaving.


    Multiple first and Best of Show awards for yarns from the Michigan

        Fiber Festival


    Multiple presentations at the Historic Weaving Conference,

        in Clayton, NY.

    Saskatoon Craft Council  2017

    Ontario Handweavers and Handspinners Regional Conference 2017

    Etobeko Weavers Guild 2016

    Complex Weavers Seminars 2012

    Madison Knitters Guild

    Northeast Handspinners Association:  The Gathering.

        Keynote speaker and mentor 2012

    Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild

    Pioneer Valley Weavers     

    Midland Weavers Guild

    Weavers Guild of Michigan

    Black Sheep Weavers

    Weavers Guild of Boston

    New Hampshire Weavers Guild

    NOBO (North of Boston) Handweavers

    Weavers of Western Massachusetts.

    Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

    Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan

    Jackson Handweavers Guild

    “From Ewe to You” for the Ann Arbor Public Library 2008


    Ontario Handweavers and Handspinners Regional Conference 2017

    Etobeko Weavers 2016

    New York Sheep and Wool Festival

    Northeast Handspinners Association:  The Gathering 2012

    Sauder Village, Ohio.

    Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

    Fiber Expo, Ann Arbor

    Foxhill Farm, MA

    On going classes at Front Porch Textiles


        Saskatoon Craft Council  2017

        Interwoven Inspiration in Ann Arbor, 2010 at Front Porch Textiles.

        Handweaving and ceramics for the home by local artisans, inspired by

        photographs offered by Jim and Angie George of Fotogypsies.

Guilds / Organizations:

    Complex Weavers

    Weavers Guild of Boston

    Cross Country Weavers

    Spinners’ Flock

    Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild

    Cross Borders Study Group